Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dried Fish with Brinjal Curry (Endu Chepalu Vankaya)

This is one of my favorite curry and every time it comes out well. Dried fish you can get from any Chinese market. I like fishy smell and secretly enjoy it. I got this recipe from my mom which is made in almost all fish lover's home during unseason when we do not get fresh fish in local markets. A must try recipe if you've never tasted this.

Cook: 30 minutes

1. Small Dried Fish
2. Brinjal - 3
3. Onion sliced
4. Green Chillies - 3
5. Tomato - 1
6. Curry masala powder
7. Chilli powder
8. Turmeric powder
9. Salt
10. Tamarind

For seasoning:
1. urud dal
2. chana dal
3. mustard
4. curry leaves
5. oil


1. Soak in water dried fish for 10 minutes and then clean it with turmeric.
2. In a pan, put tadka and then add silced onions, green chillies and the cut brinjal pieces. Add a little bit of tumeric and cover and simmer until tender.
3. Take another pan and fry the dried fish till they become tender.
4. Make tamarind juice.
5. Add tamarind juice, cut tomatoes, fried dried fish from the other pan, chilli powder, masala powder, and salt into the brinjal pan. Mix the contents, add some water if you want more gravy. Cover and cook till it is done.

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